SWIM Schools Australia

Learn to Swim With Us


SWIM Schools Australia aims to:

  • Make all Australians aware of the many valuable benefits of learning to swim.
  • Get all Australians to learn to swim in a safe, skilled and enjoyable way.
  • Maintain Australians swimming for life.
  • Our vision is to help enhance people's lives through swimming lessons that make them feel at one with the water.

    Professor John Kilpatrick about SWIM Schools Australia's operations:

    "The organisation has played a prominent role in promoting swimming and water safety throughout Australia. This has been achieved through the promotion of:

  • swimming and water safety throughour the community;
  • increased participation in aquatic recreational pursuits,
  • interaction between all levels of aquatic educators,
  • the sharing of best practice principles in the aquatic education field,
  • increased professionalism in the management and operations of aquatic education centres, and
  • innovation in education and training."

  • For more information about our ‘learn to swim’ programs across Australia, locate your closest swim school by sending us an enquiry today.