Welcome to SWIM Schools Australia

  • Our vision is one of a Safer, Smarter Stronger nation of swimmers.
  • Operating as the Peak Industry Body for 600 Swim Schools, we have become the national authority on teaching swimming and water safety.
  • Our mission is to develop "learn to swim" in Australia to its full potential; resulting in all Australians learning to swim and gaining water safety knowledge through the safest and most enjoyable swimming lessons.
  • Through the ‘Layers of Protection’ plan, SwimSAFER and learn to swim programs, SWIM Schools Australia is on a quest to permanently reduce drowning deaths in Australia.
  • Our Swim Schools' community alone, boasts over 600,000 families taking part in swimming lessons, each week – the largest network across the country.

Our Services

Register Swim Schools

Register Swim Schools that meet industry standards as determined by SWIM Schools Australia, after referencing with various relevant bodies.

Promote Swimming Benefits

Promotes the many excellent benefits for all of learning swimming and water safety

Assist Registered Swim Schools

Provides the Registered Swim Schools with products, services and professional development programs to significantly enhance their operation.



To promote learning to swim on a national basis, with an emphasis on the life-long health, safety, fun and fitness benefits of swimming.


To recognise programs that meet prescribed guidelines with support of SWIM Schools Australia’s 1000-strong, network of swim schools.

Development of
Teaching Programs

To aid in the development of the teaching and management expertise of such programs and to enhance the viability of such programs.