SWIM Schools Australia

Dawn Fraser's Learn to Swim Message

SWIM Schools Australia is on a quest to permanently reduce drowning deaths in Australia. Our vision is one of a Safer, Smarter, Stronger nation of swimmers. We want all Australians learning to swim and to gain water safety knowledge. They can do this through the safest and most enjoyable swimming lessons. LEARN TO SWIM at a SWIM Schools Australian accredited swim school.

SWIM Schools Australia SAFER SWIM TIPS

  1. LEARNING TO SWIM can make you SAFER around water.
  2. Be AWARE... Supervision is paramount – Keep wIthin an arms reach.
  3. Be SECURE... Make sure barriers and fences are fully maintained.
  4. KNOWING HOW TO SWIM is an asset when you go to the beach, the creek, the dam or when you are boating, surfing, fishing, jet skiing and in all water sports.
  6. SWIMMING LESSONS are also available for Teenagers and Adults... don’t be embarrassed to ask.
  7. REMEMBER It is never too late and you are never too old to learn to swim.
  8. SWIM Schools Australia layers of protection are all vitally important in helping make children, teenagers and adults SAFER around water.
  9. LOOK OUT for one another around water.
  10. “SWIMMING - It’s gift for life ,” Dawn Fraser – 4-time Olympic gold medallist.