Australian Unity

Major sponsor of Learn to Swim

Australian Unity has been a proud supporter of Swim Australia and the Learn to Swim program for over five years, in more than 600 schools Australia-wide.

During this time, Australian Unity has provided:

  • Discounts on health insurance
  • Merchandise for swim schools
  • Support for the production and distribution of Swim Safer literature
  • Aqua aerobics for the elderly in our aged care facilities
  • Community Service Announcements on television that promote the importance of learning to swim

Why Swim Australia?

Australian Unity’s ambition is to become Australia’s leading wellbeing company. This ambition has many components, one of which has seen us forge a strong connection with swimming and, more specifically, with learning to swim.

Australian Unity works with Swim Australia to identify opportunities that will benefit swim schools, parents, their customers and the wider community. We believe swimming is a skill for life that provides health benefits alongside mental and physical development opportunities. In addition, swimming is an extremely enjoyable experience that improves community connectedness.

Australian Unity is also involved in the arts; research in preventative health; the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index; and a number of charities across social welfare, environment and education sector.

About Australian Unity

Australian Unity is a national healthcare, financial services and retirement living organisation providing services to some 600,000 Australians, including 320,000 members nationwide. Australian Unity’s history as a trusted mutual organisation dates back 170 years. It has grown organically—by continually evolving and providing the services and products needed by the communities it serves—as well as through successful strategic mergers and diversification into new business activities.

At Australian Unity, wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do.


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